Suction and excavation

Suction and excavation

The excavator can excavate and vacuum all types of materials, whether solid, pasty or liquid in urban or confined environments.

Using the principle of turbulent vortex flow, the excavator allows earthmoving, pneumatic transport, loading, storage of m³ of materials.

Its power makes it possible to work over greater or lesser distances and depths, depending on site configurations and types of materials.

Its mechanized and articulated arm to carry out complex work in fields as varied as industry, construction and even sanitation

Intervention capacities:

  • Suction of solid, pasty or liquid products
  • Action up to 50m away
  • Releases no dust into the air
  • Does not damage existing equipment (cables, fiber optics, pipes, etc.)
  • Can be used to supply additional tools (air lances, pneumatic jackhammers, etc.)
  • Allows to intervene where man and his tools cannot reach.