Boiler chemical washing

Boiler chemical washing

Scrubbing on the move after work

This treatment is carried out on defined and isolated parts of the boiler. It removes dirt from various maintenance/repair work.

Leaching is also called boiling in motion, but in no way replaces a complete chemical treatment of pickling & passivation.

Chemical washing of a boiler

This consists of a complete treatment of all or part of the boiler, if necessary the non-affected parts are isolated.

Rinsing, which makes it possible to evacuate certain deposits and waste left during maintenance work, is most often linked to the hydraulic test requested before the start of work.

The different phases of the treatment are carried out in the process:
Descaling / deoxidation
Pickling / rust removal
Pre Passivation

We can also manage the temporary storage, transport and destruction of washing effluents, passivation waters, in compliance with the standards in force. Dew point drying can be achieved.