Hydraulic tests before work are carried out before any start of chemical work. This step checks the resistance and tightness of the temporary circulation circuit.
Hydraulic tests are carried out on pipes, pipe circuits, boiler circuits, balloons, exchangers, …..
The tests take place before commissioning or after maintenance/cleaning, requalification, etc.
Our technical and material resources allow us to intervene at all stages:
  • For filling with the installation of pumps,
  • The installation of connection circuits with the water tank or the necessary water transport
  • The installation of temporary circuits for draining to an outlet in situ if necessary.
  • Provision of a temporary load storage cover, if required.
  • A video inspection,
  • Installation of a recorder to ensure the smooth running of the tests.

Following the tests, we carry out, if necessary:
  • Drying,
  • inerting


Our goals: 0 accidents, 0 environmental impact

Since 1998, SNSI – ISO 14001 certified – has been working on petrochemical and energy production sites in France and abroad.

Quality, Safety, Respect for the Environment are cultural pillars of SNSI Group in order to satisfy our customers.

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