Air cooler cleaning

The loss of heat exchange performance of an air cooler most often comes from fouling of the external surfaces such as tubes, fins, bundles.

The cleaning adapted to the type of aero will therefore make it possible to:

  • Maximize efficiency (coefficient of heat exchange),
  • Maximize the intervention time,
  • To eliminate the risk of deterioration of the external surfaces.

Depending on type:

  • Induced draft air coolers,
  • Forced draft air coolers.

and the configuration of the installation, we will adapt the cleaning method:

  • Low pressure robotic cleaning,
  • foam cleaning,
  • Dry ice cleaning,
  • Armex process.

The advantage of cryogenics and the Armex process is the absence of effluent.

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Robotic air cooler cleaning

Cryogenic cleaning of air coolers

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